Shawn helped us to buy a house last August after we had looked for over a year. We first met him while he was working as a seller’s agent at an open house we stopped by. We hadn’t committed to working with an agent because we didn’t want any extra pressure put on us. Both my husband and I really liked Shawn’s polite and knowledgeable manner right away and decided to give him a call when we were ready to work with someone.

Shawn was exceptionally patient and non-pushy throughout the whole buying process. I would say that we were probably more particular than the average client and Shawn never tried to persuade us down any other path. I would say there are a few attributes that really set him apart from other realtors we have previously worked with. #1: KNOWLEDGE. He knows houses, in and out, what to look for and what to be weary of. There were so many things that we didn’t notice that he made us aware of. #2: INTEGRITY. He’s not looking for a quick sale. Shawn is very genuine in his desire for you to be happy with your choice and it shows. #3. DILIGENT. He works HARD to get you the best deal he can, see it all the way through and steps into help whenever obstacles arise.

Shawn’s experience and knowledge make the process of buying a house so much easier. He would answer ALL of our questions and give his HONEST opinion when it was asked for. We are looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Thank you Shawn!