What kind of Home Inspector would you hire? What kind of Realtor would you hire?

Skip home inspector and realtor? Brett at Cozy Home Inspection is showing the lucky buyers how infrared thermal imager works.

Infrared Thermal Imager (ITI) inspection can reveal many home issues behind the walls, like:

  • overheated electrical wires
  • leaking plumbing
  • missing insulation…

    Do you think it’s important to have this kind of home inspection? Of course, it is. There’s a wide range of home inspector’s knowledge, inspection coverage, skills and willingness. I’d personally hire Brett at Cozy Home Inspection for sure. Check him out here: https://www.cozyhomeinspection.com

Experienced Realtor (ER:) can provide and or guide you toward:

  • the fair market home price
  • clarify selling/buying motivation
  • bullet proof buying and selling transactions
  • legal protection
  • inspection coordination
  • repair negotiation
  • catch predatory lenders
  • safe wire transfer
  • listing preparation
  • marketing
  • property preservation
  • power of attorney
  • market understanding
  • investment properties…
    Do you think the Realtor you hire matters? Of course, it is.

Need a great realtor in Oregon?


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