If you are a first time buyer (have not owned a home in the last 3 years) and qualify for income status, these might be the best loan programs available to you.  In Oregon, we have the Oregon Bond Residential Loan Program that offers about 1% lower in interest rates compared to the currently available 30-year loan rate commercially (as of June 14th, 2022, 4.875% vs. 6%).


The city of Beaverton has a similar program if you currently reside in Beaverton ($25,000 assistance).


Home ownership is very important because long term home ownership is one of the best wealth building tools, and our homes become the biggest assets for many of us.

As Wall Street and hedge funds are buying up residential homes and controlling the rent around the country, home ownership is more important than ever.

So, look for available assistance programs in your local area by city, county and state level.  You may search for “home ownership assistance in ___,” “down payment assistance in ____.”

We are not participating realtors (yet) or affiliated, but feel free to contact us because we can still assist as your realtors and work with available lenders in these programs.