Korean dishes are very healthy in general though sometimes they can be too salty or too spicy. Also, Korean meals are very economical because the side dishes last a few days to a week or so and you just add mixed grain rice (I recommend white rice with mixed beans).

You can get most of the popular Korean side dishes here and they are actually really good (almost as good as homemade). If you want to try making Korean food at home, I recommend two Youtubers Maangchi (more traditional home-style) or Aaron & Claire (modern/fusion street food style). If you want to learn cooking in general, Pro Home Cooks taught me a lot and made food tastier and cooking more enjoyable.

I think Go Bu Gi’s kimchi is the best store made in the states. Get a big jar of it and it’ll last about a month.

Gobugi Asian Market: 4520 SW 110th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005, (503) 372-6317

Shawn shows where local Koreans buy their Kimchi and bulgogi meat!