1. Connecting those in need and those who can give
– My job in real estate is really about matchmaking
– I match buyers to sellers, sellers to buyers, buyers to homes, mortgage officers to potential buyers, contractors to homeowners, etc
– I would like to use this ability to connect people
– If you are in need (needing side or part-time work)
– If you are healthy and have the capacity to share, let me know
– In short, I can help connect those who are in need of help and those who can give help
– I believe in critical times like this it is important to help each other out so we can do well in the long run
– On that note, I’m thinking about what I can do
– I’m thinking about business opportunities like expanding my business and hiring contractors or maybe ordering takeout at restaurants to keep them going
– I think helping, even in small ways, really matter
– It’s better to stay at home but I know there are people that don’t have a choice. So stay safe.

2. Real Estate Update, Mortgage Saving Tip
– As of today, buyers are still buying and sellers are still selling. The market is moving.
– The interest rate is still at mid 3, 3.5% for the earlier loan
– I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months, but I think it all depends on how fast they’re going to control this pandemic
– If you’re paying about 4.3% or more on your mortgage interest and you’re going to stay in the home for more than three years, this might be a great time to consider refinancing your home
– It’s going to save you hundreds of dollars every month
– There are great programs out there that will give you long term savings.