At Shawn Realty, we think your personal space can help inspire you to live a better life, and maybe even change the world.  Take a look at some of the people and their spaces that help change our world!


#1 The Apple Garage in California

The Apple Garage - Los Altos, California (Steve Jobs)
Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage in Los Altos, California helped launch Apple.


#2 Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona

Els Quatre Gats - Barcelona, Spain (Pablo Picasso))
Pablo Picasso’s first art exhibition in 1900 when he was 19 years old was in Els Quatre Gats (The Four Cats), a tavern in Barcelona, Spain where Picasso hung out with other artists.


#3 Archimedes in a tub

Spaces that changed the world - Archimedes' Tub
Did you know that Archimedes discovered the law of buoyancy while taking a bath in his tub? You’ll see Archimedes’ principle in action the next time you take a bath, and maybe you’ll come up with your own brilliant idea?


#4 Casa Azul in Mexico

Spaces that changed the world - Casa Azul
Frida Kahlo’s Art Studio in Casa Azul, where she created many of her masterpieces. Her home, particularly her art studio, had a significant impact on her creative work.


#5 Room 1742 Fairmont, The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal

Spaces that changed the world - John Lennon, Yoko Ono
The beautiful iconic room 1742 at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono wrote the lyrics for ‘Give Peace a Chance.’


#6 Melville House in Ontario

Melville House in Ontario, Canada is Alexander Graham Bell’s home, where he invented the telephone! ☎️


#7 Julia Child’s Kitchen

Spaces that changed the world - Julia Child
Legendary chef Julia Child’s favorite room was her kitchen which she called the “beating heart and social center of her household.”


#8 Menlo Park

Spaces that changed the world - Thomas Edison
From 1876 to 1886, Thomas A. Edison maintained his experimental laboratories in Menlo Park, where he perfected many of his inventions.”


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