Real Estate Investing

Under 25 year olds are buying real estate?? bit surprising article just published on Realtor Magazine that shows Generation Z (age 10-25, born between 1997 and 2012) is already buying real estate.  A few key numbers/questions to make notes are: Which cities are attracting Gen Z buyers (correlates to more affordable cities) How much down payment are they saving? How much are they borrowing? Are they getting...

Paying off mortgage fast!!??

In this video, I’m sharing 3 ways to pay off mortgage faster. Also, talked about why you would want to pay off the mortgage fast and when you wouldn’t want to do that. It depends on your current “life stage” and your financial goals. The answer isn’t as black and white because every individual’s situation can be different (just like in every finance situation). But, I’ll try to make it easier to follow.

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