Top 25 Cities Most Likely to Attract Gen Z (#16 Portland, OR)

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For Gen Z group (born in 1997 to 2015), which is the focus of one of Realtor Magazine’s articles about the top 25 cities most likely to attract Gen Z.  And guess what?  Portland is on that list.  What does that mean to Portland real estate market?

Well, employment and industry diversity are the two main criteria, which shows that Portland is doing pretty well.  This is also good news for the real estate market.  Home values will continue to appreciate as long as there is continued demand and decent interest rates.

Employment & industry diversity are the two of the most important facts that determine the local real estate market. Here’s Top 25 Cities Most Likely to attract our near future generation Z.

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Hillsboro gets Microsoft engineering hub | Portland Oregon

According to the Portland Business Journal, Microsoft leased an 85,000 sqft space in Hillsboro, Oregon at 9800 NE Gibbs Drive, between Intel and Nike. I think this is great news for the Portland Metro local economy and its housing market. Maybe too good of news since the market is already super hot. Many workers are working at home due to COVID 19, so moving to more affordable cities makes a lot of sense. Portland, Oregon is relatively much more affordable than San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Redmond (Microsoft HQ). With increasing commercial space vacancies and better lease rates to be negotiated, it makes sense for companies to move some of their talent to more affordable cities in 2021.

Linked In article by Selim Bilgin
Microsoft job opening in Portland Oregon

Where to buy the BEST KOREAN SIDE DISHES!! | Go Bu Gi – Korean Market in Portland, Oregon

Korean dishes are very healthy in general though sometimes they can be too salty or too spicy. Also, Korean meals are very economical because the side dishes last a few days to a week or so and you just add mixed grain rice (I recommend barley rather than white rice).

You can get most of the popular Korean side dishes here and they are actually really good (almost as good as homemade). If you want to try making Korean food at home, I recommend two Youtubers Maangchi (more traditional home style) or Aaron & Claire (modern/fusion street food style). If you want to learn cooking in general, Pro Home Cooks taught me a lot and made food tastier and cooking more enjoyable.

I think Go Bu Gi’s kimchi is the best store made in the states. Get a big jar of it and it’ll last about a month.

Gobugi Asian Market: 4520 SW 110th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005, (503) 372-6317

Shawn shows where local Koreans buy their Kimchi and bulgogi meat!