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From empty space to work space: see how Shawn does it

If you are needing some work space, take a look at a video I did of a condo I listed, which gives some ideas about how to use a small space. I would probably use this as my main workspace. You could probably put, like, a 70 inches desk, you know, with a double monitor. Then, nice speakers right there. I could put a curtain here, or maybe I could put up a wall. Or some kind of divider, or just leave...

Selecting the Right Listing Agent

Why Sell with Me? Shawn Realty · Selecting the right listing agent There’s no question that your real estate agent has a huge impact on whether or not your home sells quickly, how much you get for your property and your experience throughout the process. So you need to ask, “Why should I sell with you?” Before Selecting Agent: In-home personal consultation...

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